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Today I want to blubber about breakfast.  I know it’s quite the detour from chronic illness support and my “youzhe“, but while eating breakfast in  the  Starbuck's of our hotel in Nashville, as I glanced over and saw the  disheveled family sitting near us,  it dawned on me that breakfast holds some truth and maybe it deserves to be heard.  If not, I can easily delete this entire draft and start over, but for now, you’re going to be served some breakfast, over easy, toast on the side, lightly buttered.   I just got back from an amazing vacation with my family and for the first two days, I think I could have diagnosed myself with a serious case of vacation withdrawal.  Like serious, all out depression over being home and not on the beach.  I was born for the beach, but unfortunately not on it.  Why did God place me in the Midwest?  I do love seasons, but beach.  Give me the beach.  Getting away from everything and spending a week to just soak in my family, the sun, and the bea

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